My wish for you

As I continue on this path, I constantly ask myself what I want to achieve. What is it exactly I want to be the product of my efforts? The obvious, immediate answer is to help others but I also push further and ask how? Not because of doubt but because I want to continuously challenge myself. As I was skimming Facebook today, I found what could almost be my mission statement. Please know, I’m not taking credit for the quote but it is just so very well stated and so perfect for my purpose that I had to share.

“My wish for you is that you find beauty in the darkness, heaven in the hell, and true love in the depths of another’s eyes. I wish you respite from fear, courage to make a change, and tenacity the likes of a stubborn child, to follow your dreams and never give up on them, because others will, and that is their misfortune. I wish you peace inside chaos, strength in the midst of hard times, and joy after grief. My wish for you is that you find yourself, love yourself, and never lose yourself again, now and in the rest of the years you grace this world with your presence.”

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Join me as I begin this exciting new chapter of my life as I work towards helping and encouraging struggling individuals. At the age of 18, I experienced a horrific and traumatic life-altering event. In an effort to avoid losing myself in pity and grief, I sought and discovered strength and beauty I did not know existed – in myself and in others around me. My hope is that through sharing my experiences, the good and the bad, I can give others in need a form of reassurance, a message of hope as well as motivation to pursue the happiness they deserve.

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