Sense of Direction

I have been on this meaningful journey going on seven months now. Working with purpose has completely and totally changed multiple aspects of my life including my mood, my relationships with my children and my husband and it has altered my perspective of life in general. I know I have discovered my passion, which is helping others.

If I am being honest, I must say the progress I have made up until now is not exactly what I hoped it would be. I acknowledge the fact that I have shared my story on a syndicated radio show, in a Facebook group with over 150 members and also while standing in front of a group of amazing women. This is a feat which I am extremely proud of. Self-doubt tends to sneak up on me when I contemplate the fact that I am chasing this dream without knowing specifically how to market myself in order to reach as many potential audiences as possible. Today, with the help of a very special person, this has changed.

Going forward, I want to be very specific when someone asks me what I do. Yes, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a believer in Christ. I hold every single one of those titles near and dear to my heart. Now, I have the opportunity to make a very important addition. I am also an advocate who inspires confidence, awareness, hope and empowerment in women. I am actively utilizing the events in my life to address self-imposed prisons and encourage strength and healing while educating others about situational awareness. How great is that?!

I have come to realize my story means different things to different people. People identify with different elements of my journey. It may be the scared, emotional child, the traumatic event I endured or even the determination it required to get where I am today. I am, no doubt, extremely fond and proud of this component of speaking and, most definitely, welcome the feedback and growth associated with it. Nonetheless, I am extremely excited to have a specific place to work from and look forward to the opportunities before me.

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Join me as I begin this exciting new chapter of my life as I work towards helping and encouraging struggling individuals. At the age of 18, I experienced a horrific and traumatic life-altering event. In an effort to avoid losing myself in pity and grief, I sought and discovered strength and beauty I did not know existed – in myself and in others around me. My hope is that through sharing my experiences, the good and the bad, I can give others in need a form of reassurance, a message of hope as well as motivation to pursue the happiness they deserve.

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